Partner with Pragra To build rapid tech workforce.

Pragra help you develop technology work force on scale with affordability. Whether you are looking to build a team or you are training provider/ educational institute, we would love to work with you. Together we can build tech force for next generation.

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Why Partner with Pragra?

Pragra has empowered thousands of aspiring tech professionals with the skills they need to thrive in today's dynamic tech landscape. We're on a mission to bridge the tech talent gap and build a future-proof workforce that meets the evolving needs of our partners.

Struggling to find tech talent?

If you are looking for ready-to-hire tech talent to fuel your growth, or customizable training programs to upskill your existing team, or a reliable partner to bridge your tech talent gap?

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How Pragra resolves a major challenge?

Relying on resumes and interviews does not guarantee expertise.Thus, Pragra provides extensive training sessions accompanied by hands-on project experience under expert’s mentorship. We develop a pool of highly skilled tech professionals trained to meet an organization’s specific needs.

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How Pragra help Partners?

Traditional recruitment can be a lengthy process, involving resume screening, multiple rounds of interviews, and reference checks. Partnering with Pragra allows for quicker access to qualified candidates and reduces hiring costs.

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What Pragra Provides?

Pragra provides a to the point solution for Partner’s recruitment requirements by offering a scalable talent pipeline to ensure you have the right talent, whenever you need it, for today and tomorrow.

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