How to Launch Your Data Science Career

Are you interested in the world of data science? Data science is a fascinating area that is continually evolving and developing, giving data scientist’s infinite opportunities for their work. Learning data science can be overwhelming. Particularly so, when you're just beginning your journey. According to a survey by Glassdoor, Data Scientists earn an average of $116,100 per year. A strong reason to learn data science; isn’t it? Well as a beginner, a number of questions might be puzzling on your mind like what kind of learning technique – R or Python? What are the tactics to concentrate on? How many facts are there to learn? Do I need to learn code?

These are some of the many questions that you need to tackle as part of your trip. Most people want to start their career as a data scientist but they have no idea where to start. So, in this blog, we will be discussing the best tips to launch your career in data science. Here, we will be discussing tips to and tricks to kickstart your career as a data scientist.

Here are 6 tips on how to launch your career in data science!

  1. Get contented with SQL and Python

Learning SQL and Python would serve you well in your career in data science. For Python, there's a whole ecosystem of data science packages and resources you need to learn. To support, install the Anaconda distribution and check out this fantastic resource to get started. We suggest you try out the wonderful for your first moves in SQL.

  1. Take online courses

The days when a degree needs to begin a new career have gone. These days, you can train independently through online courses and be prepared with the knowledge and know-how you need to excel in data science. Take a look at the great Andrew Ng. Gain an appreciation of the fundamental principles of computer science, statistics, and math—and you're going to be ready to go.

  1. Compete in Kaggle

Portfolio creation is just as important for creative data scientists as it is important for artists. You can do exactly that with Kaggle- a subsidiary of Google LLC and an online community of data scientists practitioners. Kaggle provides apps and resources that can help you enter your data science field, the world's largest data science network.

Kaggle is now holding contests where data scientists around the world will compete to create the best models for forecasting and explaining data. By the way, here's a tip: Do not give up on competition until you have your name on the leader board in the top 10 percent of the applications. This will force you to challenge yourself and, as a result, you will become familiar with the best practices of the domain and the most modern tools and frameworks.

  1. Get acquainted with the full stack developer environment and toolkit

Data scientists devote much of their time writing code at work. But data scientists are not merely coders—they are technologists. To write good code and make a bigger effect, it's going to help you get acquainted with the world of coding and the right ways to do things. YOu might consider taking Pragra’s data full stack developer course to learn the nitty-gritty of coding with the help of practical and theory sessions.

  1. Read tech blogs and listen to podcasts

Podcasts and technology blogs are a perfect way to keep up-to-date on all that's going on in the data science community. Podcasts are also a perfect place to learn from some of the best minds in the world about the most important problems in the industry and what they are now focused on and dreaming about. You could also come across a story about someone who's solved a dilemma close to the one you're working on, and that's going to give you some new thoughts and observations.

  1. Talk to people

Enter forums and other online communities where data scientists are talking to each other. You'll find that most data scientists are facing the same kind of problems. communities, like DataScience Central, Galvanize are some of the data science communities where people actively interact. Talking to people and learning how they've handled the different challenges they've encountered will help you learn and step on.


We hope that these 6 tips will help you launch your data science career. We're living in an amazing time where there's more access than ever to advanced knowledge that can help us improve our careers. This also refers to people trying to start a career in data science. With workshops, classes, events, and knowledge that are all readily available on the web—and with preparation and dedication—you can learn the skills you need to launch a fruitful career as a data scientist. All the best! Keep learning , Keep growing!