FullStack - Java

FullStack - Java

Kick-Start your Dream IT Career with our FullStack Java Course and get an assured opportunity in Java Development. This curriculum is prepared by qualified Industry Subject matter Experts with a blend of essential concepts, hands-on project and modern tools to learn an exciting career with ample career prospects in industry. This program will help you to create a lightweight, standalone, executable software package which includes everything to run an application: code, runtime, tools and system libraries.

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I had joined Pragra, with a hope to learn skills which would help me get a good start in the industry. Pragra had surpassed all my expectations after I received my first offer from a top tech company. The motivation, mentorship and support that Atin and Vivek provide is commendable..

Neenu Shaji, Java Developer at Google

Get 100 % Salary hike like Neenu

Neenu is graduate of Feb 2020 Java Fullstack developer cohort, She has got opportunity at google right after her program completion with 200% salary hike.

38 Hours
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Sept 5, 2021
Mississauga ON, CA

Course Information

A salary study from Indeed.ca reports that an average full stack developer in Toronto earns nearly $110,000 annually, compared to a web developer who makes about $75,000. Which puts Java Developers in high demand, and makes it another lucrative career worth considering. # Pragra’s FullStack Developer course is one of the only programs in Canada that will help you accumulate technical know-how along with a practical experience on live projects. This combination of conceptual clarity and hands-on experience would allow you to not only land any job you like, but also be skilled enough to start your own business, if you wish. There is no prerequisite or previous IT experience required to attend this Bootcamp, Pragra would be providing a free IT foundation program for all registered learners. Our mentors will be available to guide you every step of the way, so all you need to do is sign up .

Market Overview

Why Full-Stack Developer is in Demand?

$110,000 Average Salary

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, full-stack developers are one of the highest-paid professionals today.

Highest Number of Positions Available

The increasing number of start-ups in the market has catapulted the demand for full stack developers in the industry..

100% Career Growth

Most startups need full stack developers, as they cannot afford a large team. As the company matures, roles are more specialized..

Companies Hiring Pragra Graduates

Pragra learners has been hired by 100s leading companies like Google, Facebook, Ebay. Our learnes has begged more than one offers from these leading companies. Looking to start your career with these global brands..

Pay 70% FeeOnly When you get placed.

We believe in quality of training so we will loan 70% fee for you. You only gonna repay the fee when you land a job with more than $50,000/yr, otherwise we will forgive the loan.

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Meet your mentors

Our Mentors comes from top technology companies, they have been active tech speakers and mentors .

Learning at Pragra was extremely enriching and satisfactory. The trainers were highly skilled and approachable. They catered the lessons according to our pace of learning. I would recommend others to join Pragra, as it not only helped me to develop my IT skills, but also made me more confident as a person. Cheers!!.

Asmita @ Opentext

I had an amazing learning experience at Pragra. Atin & Vivek are both the domain experts. Live project internship helped me to secure my job with Ebay. I really appreciate the efforts faculty puts in to help acheive our targets. I would recommend Pragra to everyone who are willing to start their career in tech industry.

Richa Luthra @ Ebay