Certified Agile Scrum Master with BA

Certified Agile Scrum Master with BA

Agile certification is one of the most demanded after in the agile world. This includes the agile learnings from various methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DSDM Atern, etc. The Agile is a specific methodology to approach project management. Whereas Scrum is one of the iterative and incremental agile ways to manage the project. Agile and Scrum assist the IT team to work together in the software Development. Agile and Scrum is essential for every team under software development. Because it assists the team to work together to develop the product. Agile is finding its root deep in varied industries such as construction, product development, electrical, etc.

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The instructors are above satisfactory tutors. With their passion to help their students and their expertise in the field, i would say my training at Pragra was extremely rewarding..

Pooja Yadav, Business Analyst at ViaRail

Get 100 % Salary hike like Pooja

Pooja is graduate of July 2020 Agile cohort, she has got opportunity at ViaRail right after her program completion with 100% salary jump.

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Jan 15, 2022
Mississauga ON, CA
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Canada has been on forefront in investing in technology space. Canada’s banking industry is officially going into digital transformation. The industry has started build new tools and solution to serve the modern age digital consumer, which clearly reflects in hiring patterns by these banking giants. Any professional wants to obtain knowledge of agile methodologies, agile principles and agile tools and techniques should pursue this course. Our program will help you to fast-track your career growth and master the Industry-based skills to secure a position and will provide you skills to identify an organization’s needs and recommend solutions to address complex business challenges and skills to become an in–demand Agile BA..

Market Overview

Why AWS Certified Sysops Administrator - Associate is in Demand?

$90,000 Average Salary

As per ziprecruiter, the average annual pay for a Business Analyst in Ontario is $94,289 an year..

Opportunities in Future

As per IBM, A staggering 19% growth for business analysts is expected in the next 5-6 years..

100% Career Growth

As data collection increases and technology continues to develop, the role of the IT business analysts is expanding as well..

Companies Hiring Pragra Graduates

Pragra learners has been hired by 100s leading companies like Google, Facebook, Ebay. Our learnes has begged more than one offers from these leading companies. Looking to start your career with these global brands..

Pay 70% FeeOnly When you get placed.

We believe in quality of training so we will loan 70% fee for you. You only gonna repay the fee when you land a job with more than $50,000/yr, otherwise we will forgive the loan.

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Our Mentors comes from top technology companies, they have been active tech speakers and mentors .